Aloe Entertainment Blog Presents Mary Aloe Talking About P & A in the Digital Arena

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“The digital media arena has changed movie marketing and distribution,” Mary Aloe began in today’s discussion with the Aloe Entertainment team. Marketing and distribution is generally categorized in budgets as P & A (prints and advertising). Mary Aloe continued, “Just a few years ago, P&A was marked at 70% of the budget of the movie. Today, it can be even more.” An Aloe Entertainment team member piped in, “But isn’t digital media making it cheaper on the prints end?” This is in reference to not having to print on film versus creating a digital or DVD to the exhibitors. “That may be true, but marketing expenses are growing at a higher rate than the supposed savings on celluloid,” Mary Aloe retorted.

TV advertising is expensive, but throws the widest net. Mary Aloe explained the the team at Aloe Entertainment that a spot could run $60K a half minute. “If you advertise on a popular show, that’s million of eyeballs seeing your movie ad, it could cost 300K – 400K for 30 seconds,” Mary Aloe added. “How about the Super Bowl?’, asked one of the Aloe Entertainment team. The advertising rates are notoriously expensive for a Super Bowl timed commercial. “Oh, now your talking $700K into a million dollars or so,” explained Mary Aloe. The movie ARGO took advantage of those football viewers in the Fall of 2012 with great results but at a cost of a half of a million dollars every 30 second spot aired.
“And you may think it is easy to advertise or blog on social media, but to do so for a film is as time consuming and expensive as it has been before the internet,” advised Mary Aloe to her team at Aloe Entertainment. “Yeah, I guess you still have to hire someone to create the campaign and place the ads on sites, an Aloe Entertainment developer added. Mary Aloe continued, “You have to get more and more inventive about how you reach consumers, as today’s moviegoers are very savvy and new ways of appealing to them are a constant creative and time-consuming expense.” The Aloe Entertainment team continues to become savvy in watching the social media trends and the analytics of what sites will pay off in the niche that each Aloe Entertainment film produced by Mary Aloe will best fit in its marketing patchwork.

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