Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment: A View of the Genre Pictures and the Box Office

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Producing the genre picture is a high stakes/high return market. For this subject, Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team defines the genre picture as one that is either action, sci-fi, or thriller. Or possibly a combination of them. Think FAST AND FURIOUS 1-7 or the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or BOND films. Maybe the X-MEN series or the TAKEN movies. The DIVERGENT, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY or those standbys – STAR WARS or TERMINATOR pics. And the remakes or re-imagined ones like the DARK KNIGHT films or PLANET OF THE APES movies. These are the type of genre pics that Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team are talking about. We asked Mary Aloe about why this is so and how Aloe Entertainment is involved with this type of movie making.

Mary Aloe stated, “these type of movies are usually international hits, crossing all cultures and languages.” Others in the Aloe Entertainment organization described how the sales at the box office and the exceedingly long shelf life for the action, thriller or sci-fi genre movie has skyrocketed (no pun intended) over the years. In 2014 the top 18 films were action, sci-fi, thriller, or a combination of the three (with a couple animation pics thrown in). Mary Aloe continues, “according to, we are talking in the tens of billions of dollars, worldwide. That is something all production companies, including Aloe Entertainment, want to be a part of.” Just one of these box office bonanzas can finance several of those personal projects so many producers, like Mary Aloe, continue to develop. Of course, these type of pictures, the genre ones we are speaking about here, usually cost more to produce and market. Your principle actors, your leads, your stars will expect “full freight’ (their top dollar) to star in one of these genre films. Like it was said at the top, it is a high-risk but high return market. Producer Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment company of movie-makers are stepping in and looking for such genre pics.


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