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By Chan Lasan


April 9, 2016

Mother and Daughters” will break the hearts of every rebellious child. The trailer of the movie has been released. There is not much story for mothers but just try to take the chance and watch it below.

According to Slash Film, Academy Award Winner Susan Sarandon will star in “Mother and Daughters” this upcoming spring. She was able to hit two birds in one stone as Sarandon starred in a story also for mothers, entitled “The Meddler.” The movie is directed by Nigel Levy and Paul Dudridge. Mother’s day will soon come and emphasizing the mother-daughter relationship will definitely suit the season.

Meanwhile, other stars in the Film also include Selma Blair, Sharon Stone (Academy Award Nominee), Courtney Cox (Golden Globe Nominee), Mira Sorvino (Academy Award Winner), Christina Ricci (Emmy Nominee) and more. So, to give fans a little more details about the story, here is the synopsis:

“Mothers and Daughters” features entwined stories about what it really means to be a mother. They were tied together by a single person named Rigby Gray. She is a rock photographer who rides a high career but an unexpected pregnancy left her no choice. It forced her to turns her lens in inward. In the trailer, she actually considered her pregnancy as a death sentence! Gray slowly tries to let the terms sink in which she obviously see as something that can changed her life forever. Along the process, Gray discovers her own relationship with her estranged mother 

This movie celebrates the unparallel love of mothers in their children. The new generations has obviously been swallowed up by the modern world of today. The teaser will show people how a mother always stands by you, puts you first, always finds way and drives you crazy.

“Mothers and Daughters” by Screen Media Films opens in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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