Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment : IMDB and Your Career in Producing

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Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team feel that the importance of keeping your IMDB current is crucial to you and your company’s careers in this business. Whether your credits are numerous or you are working on your first film; like other social media, IMDB requires your attention – it is the go-to site for the entertainment industry.

Finding the funds to produce your film is about sales. Whether through equity,debt, pre-sales, tax incentives, crowd-funding or your dentist; raising the capital is a combination of talent, salesperson-ship, credits, presence in the industry and what the internet says about you. IMDB (owned by Amazon), is the main go-to source of information about the film and television industry. What does yours look like? Are you an IMDB pro member with picture and resume privileges? Do you update your page every time something new is available? I hope the answer to those questions are positive. Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team know that the people you contact for money are certainly going to look before they write that check and the name actor or director you want is certainly going to check you out there, as well, no matter how savvy and charming you were in the meeting.

Every article, blog, or picture that mentions you or your company needs to be added to your IMDB page. Every “thanks”, PA work, other entertainment or financing work that is on your resume needs to be updated onto your IMDB page immediately. Like Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team, you must take the time to keep your IMDB page(s) current. No matter if it is a picture already produced, like BATTLE IN SEATTLE or TEN THOUSAND SAINTS, or those in development or pre-production, like MARY or TIGER or TIMOTHY HILL RANCH, regular upkeep of the Mary Aloe, Aloe Entertainment, and various projects’ IMDB pages is one of our essential tools to enhance our industry reputation. For all in this industry, it is a tool to be recognized, remembered, respected, and financed. In the end, no matter how wonderful the script is or the talent in front or behind the camera, you, Mr. or Ms. Producer, are selling you.

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