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 ‘Mothers and Daughters,’ in Which Souls Are Laid Bare


By Neil Genzlinger

“Mothers and Daughters” is full of recognizable stars and heartfelt conversations. Unfortunately, it’s largely devoid of the kind of character development that can give such conversations real impact.

The movie — directed by Paul Duddridge and released, of course, just in time for Mother’s Day weekend — works an intersecting-stories structure as it follows several mother-daughter pairs through tensions, tears and reconciliations. The cast includes Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, Courteney Cox, Mira Sorvino, Christina Ricci and Eva Amurri Martino (Ms. Sarandon’s real daughter), and they are tasked with cutting right to the chase. Having multiple plotlines eats time, and, as a result, Paige Cameron, the screenwriter, doesn’t really lay much of a foundation for any of these relationships; instead, we’ve barely registered who’s who before we are plunged into the heart-to-hearts.

Subtlety is not on the agenda here, either; these are big-moment stories that involve pregnancies, revelations about who is whose biological parent, and so on. The dialogue — much of it delivered via video conference calls, for some reason — is the kind of Lifetime movie stuff that will probably strike a chord with mothers and daughters who have had similar conversations or wish they had.

“When you were born, and I saw you, I didn’t know that I could ever need anything that badly, that I could ever love anything that much,” Ms. Sarandon’s character tells her daughter. But what kind of relationship led to such earnest soul-baring? We’re left to imagine. NEIL GENZLINGER

“Mothers and Daughters” is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned) for mature themes.

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