Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment: The Film Stage on MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS

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‘Fathers and Daughters’ and ‘Mothers and Daughters’ Get New Trailers

By Lauren Malyk


May 8, 2016

MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS features interwoven stories about what it means to be a mom, which are tied together via single gal Rigby Gray, a rock photographer who’s riding a career high when an unlikely and unexpected pregnancy forces her to turn her lens inward. As Rigby slowly comes to terms with what it might mean to change her life forever, she discovers with fresh eyes her own relationship with her estranged mother. Through a series of photographs documenting motherhood in all its varieties, she considers what it means to be maternal at all. Director Paul Duddridge’s film is a celebration of the unparalleled love between mothers and their children and the myriad ways they connect in today’s modern world.


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