Mary Aloe Announces the Press Is Growing For DEAR DICTATOR

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Click Below for Trailer:  

DEAR DICTATOR is the story of a ruthless dictator who flees political turmoil from his country and seeks refuge with a rebellious teenage girl in suburban America.

Mary Aloe, producer, Aloe Entertainment and Grodink/Aloe Productions, Aperture Media Partners, Fortitude International, Coastal, Defiant Pictures and WYSJ Media are pleased to announce Cinedigm’s upcoming theatrical and VOD release of DEAR DICTATOR, starring Michael Caine, Katie Holmes and Odeya Rush (“Lady Bird”), Jason Biggs, and Seth Green. 

And the press is growing for DEAR DICTATOR:


“On this, the 85th birthday of Sir @themichaelcaine, I ask you to check out this exclusive #DearDictator clip from that time he and @katieholmes212 milkboarded me (ft @odeyarush1). NBD. 

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