Mary Aloe discusses Box Office Mojo with the Aloe Entertainment Team

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“You need to know your best sources for up-to-date information about each project,” Mary Aloe recently told her Aloe Entertainment team. “There is a premiere site to monitor your success or failure and that source is” This is a big tip for producers and production companies.

According to their website:  

Box Office Mojo is an online movie publication and box office reporting service. Our purpose is to illuminate the movies through the integration of art and business. Based in Burbank, California, we produce news, analysis and the most comprehensive box office tracking available online.
Box Office Mojo was created by movie analyst Brandon Gray in 1999 and has since grown into the No. 1 box office destination worldwide, currently averaging over 2 million unique visitors per month. Box Office Mojo is regularly quoted in such publications as the Los Angeles TimesWall Street JournalUSA TodayBloombergForbes and has been featured on CNNCNBCAccess Hollywood and Fox News among other television broadcasts.Box Office Mojo was acquired by, Inc. in July 2008.

As you can see from the description above, they are now owned by IMDB, which is owned by Amazon – all powerful sources of important information. Box Office Mojo provides movie news, a daily update chart of the grosses, a weekend chart, an all-time chart, and an international chart. “Whether you need to know what “Gone With the Wind” has made in the last 70+ years or last week’s blockbuster, the information is there, as well as on their sister site, IMDB,” explains Mary Aloe. A member of the Aloe Entertainment team speaks up, “I am on the site now. There are pages dedicated to actors, genres, movie franchises….this is amazing. Information you can’t easily get elsewhere.”

The Aloe Entertainment team is dedicated to both the creative and the business end of a movie project. They will keep up on their newest projects when The RanchTigerMary, and 55 Steps are released; just like they do with previously released films. “Don’t just wait for the check to show up,” says Mary, “know what’s going to show up. This is important for all producers and production companies. You will also be able to market and budget more wisely when you have historical, as well as, current information. Producing with all the mojo you can muster is the key.”

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