Mary Aloe Speaks to the Aloe Entertainment Team About the Chinese Film Market

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Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team were discussing the Chinese Film Market yesterday. Mary Aloe spoke on the opportunities there, “We have been seeing much interest from Chinese investors on movie projects, but not very many checks being written.” An Aloe Entertainment team member inquired about a Chinese investor someday buying into or owning a Hollywood studio. Mary Aloe offered this, “I wouldn’t be surprised considering the money that is flowing there and the love of Hollywood blockbusters in China. “Mary Aloe continued, “There are a lot of eyeballs itching to see the latest from Hollywood and a collaboration with those in their own country would just sweeten the desire to see such movies.” The Aloe Entertainment team should stay aware of this coming trend.

“There are four companies that are a major influence in the Chinese market,” Mary Aloe continued. An Aloe Entertainment team member jumped in, “Are you talking about Wanda, Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent?” Mary Aloe praised her team and added, “Yes, between the four of them they act as financiers, producers or exhibitors of the movies, ticket vendors, promotional partners, marketing conduits, online video platform and social media forces.” The Aloe Entertainment team got on Google to research the financials and discovered that there is already $5B invested in U.S. companies including AMC Theatres, STX Entertainment, and Lionsgate. Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team are keeping their eyes open for a slate of movies that could bring in Chinese investment. 
Mary Aloe asked, “Who knows about yen vs. dollar and the stats on Chinese tickets sales?” An Aloe Entertainment team member spoke up, “Well, it is the largest international market for Hollywood. Last year was way over $4 billion in ticket sales.” “There’s over a billion people there and almost 24,000 screens,” another Aloe Entertainment team member piped in. Mary Aloe pointed out that while there is a lot of money in China, they are very smart business people and it is not an open checkbook. The Yuan seems to be rising in the exchange rate, and that’s good,’ said Mary Aloe. But she warned the Aloe Entertainment team to keep a close watch on the Chinese companies and their deals with Hollywood, “It might be something the Aloe Entertainment team can cash in on both financially and creatively,” concluded Mary Aloe. Either way, the Chinese market is a major force to be reckoned with and considered.

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