Mary Aloe updates the Aloe Entertainment team on 2015 California Film Tax Incentives

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Independent productions, like those produced by Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team, have gotten a boost from the State of California and the City of Los Angeles to stay in town to make their movies and be able to go home after a long shoot day. Though the date for TV projects has passed, July 13 – 25, 2015 is the application window for independent projects and non-independent feature films. “Since this was originally announced last August, production is still down by 3%, but the new funds are just becoming available,” says Mary Aloe, “and my team at Aloe Entertainment have kept that in mind as we work on our roster of projects.”

Jumping onto Google, a member of the Aloe Entertainment team told Mary Aloe about the parameters of the bill signed by the Governor last year. “It triples the tax credit program and is a great benefit for below-the-line workers.” According to
  • $48.3 million in tax credits available for Feature Films
  • $6.9 million in credits available for Independent Projects*

ELIGIBLE FOR 20% TAX CREDIT (plus 5% Uplift*)

  • Feature Films: $1 million minimum budget; credit allocation applies only to the first $100 million in qualified expenditures.
  • Movies-of-the-Week and Miniseries: $500,000 minimum budget
  • New television Series for any distribution outlet; $1 million minimum budget per episode (at least 40 minutes per episode, scripted only)
  • TV Pilots: $1 million minimum budget (at least 40 minutes)

ELIGIBLE FOR 25% TAX CREDIT (max credit is 25%, uplifts do not apply)

  • Independent Projects: $1 million minimum budget; credits apply only to the first $10 million of qualified expenditures. (Only independent projects may sell their tax credits.)
  •  Relocating TV Series, any episode length, that filmed its most recent season outside California; $1 million minimum budget. (Additional seasons are eligible for 20%.)


  • Filming outside the Los Angeles 30-mile zone + 5%
  • Music Scoring and music track recording expenditures + 5%
  • Visual Effects expenditures (minimum spend required) + 5%

*Note: The above uplifts cannot be combined. The maximum credit a production can earn is 25%. 

“Many states are finding that the tax credits don’t work for them on a job increase aggregate,” Mary Aloe pointed out to the Aloe Entertainment team. “States such as Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, and North Carolina have scaled back their incentives.” This is good news for California and Los Angeles. The industry loves the work and especially loves being able to go home to their family at night.The Aloe Entertainment team looks forward to keeping an eye out for the best way to serve their projects and employees, as well as being good stewards to their hometown and state. “It was smart of California to boost these incentives now,” stated Mary Aloe as the phone started ringing again and discussion ended.

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