Mary Aloe/Aloe Entertainment on Choosing a Faith Movie to Produce – or Does the Movie Choose You?

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On a professional level, faith-based movie movies often have excellent returns for the equity investors and strong box office revenues. As well, they often have a shelf life that is termed in our business as “evergreen”. Meaning, they will continually be profitable in the theatrical, VOD, television, and even the DVD market for years to come. Every week, Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team get pitched faith-based movies from all over the world, because of their affiliation with MARY from Lionsgate. However, Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team do stringent ROI and IRR analysis before green-lighting a picture. 

The Aloe Entertainment team chose to proceed on the TIMOTHY HILL RANCH movie for many reasons. The first reason was that it was brought to Mary Aloe by her partner, Dan Grodnik, who, after 44 movies, is considered one of the top producers in the business. Currently, Grodnik has two pictures with Affirm Films at Sony Pictures that pre-dates Aloe and Grodnik’s partnership. So both Aloe and Grodnik have a strong understanding of the value of a faith-based movie. What is important here for TIMOTHY HILL RANCH (working title), is that we will be casting two stars in the main leads. We also highly believe in the director/writer, Cole Claassen. The script is what we would term “faith-based lite”. It is not preachy, but still reaches its mission to spread the “good word”. The story line is current, and a very strong topic in today’s news that we believe will be embraced by all audiences, and also inspire faith.
Our story is about a 17 year old young man who is about to be sent to prison for drug dealing after his father was sent to prison for attempted robbery, the only role model he knew.  Based on a true story, the judge gives our 17 year old, Parker, a choice - Rikers Island Prison or Timothy Hill Ranch. The young man chooses the ranch, finding his faith and learning redemption. Producer Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team, feel that this movie will have strong outreach and crossover audience potential.

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