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Before creating Aloe Entertainment Mary Aloe mainly produced television shows and movies. Mary Aloe produced five successful television programs before the catalyst for her career the movie ‘The Princess and the Marine‘ in 2001. Mary Aloe had her first production in 1991 with ‘The Geraldo Rivera Show’. On the Geraldo Rivera Show, Geraldo would interview various guests who wish to reveal a secret to a loved one on Television.

In 1992 Mary Aloe produced the USA Network’s Case Closed. Then in 1993 Mary Aloe produced the television series ‘Hard Copy‘. This show was very unlike Mary Aloe’s previous production of The Geraldo Rivera Show. From the very beginning Mary Aloe has shown that no production is out of her league.

Then again in 1994 Mary Aloe was one the producers for the television series ‘A Current Affair’. A Current Affair was a news program that broadcasted current world events. This production was very much like Mary Aloe’s production of Hard Copy the year prior.

Mary Aloe’s final production before Aloe Entertainment was ‘The Susan Powter Show‘. In this 1996 nationally-syndicated talk program, Susan Powter and guests discuss concerns about fitness, nutrition and weight, as well as non-fitness topics such as women’s empowerment and anti-Semitism.

In 2001 Mary Aloe produced her first television movie The Princess and the Marine. The Princess and the Marine is based on a true story, American Marine Jason Johnson (Gosselaar) is sent on assignment to the Emirate of Bahrain. While there, he meets and falls in love with a spirited, lovely young woman, Meriam (Nichols), without realizing she is really a member of the Bahraini Royal Family. Meriam, who does not wish to consent to an arranged marriage, knows her love affair with Jason is dangerous, as he is a Mormon Christian and she a Muslim. Her parents would never consent to their match, and so Meriam and Jason race against time to escape Bahrain and make it to the United States, where they can marry. If Meriam is sent back, however, her life may be in jeopardy.

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